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Revo - Remap for VW inc Golf GTi, Polo, Audi A3, S3, A4, S4 and TT Remap, SEAT including Cupra remaps, Skoda Octavia and Fabia Remap

"S4 Beast with REVO CODE"

Well I just have to say this, last night we had a few friendly drags, and a certain M3 e36 that pulled 3 cars on me was beaten by about 3 cars lengths by the newly improved S4 running REVO code, I cannot explain how much it has transformed the car, not only in performance terms, but also in pure drivability.

"I cannot explain how much it has transformed the car, not only in performance terms, but also in pure drivability."

Against I8's M3 in 3rd we are even now where in the past he would pull a car on me. I think even I8 was impressed with the ponies that have been unleashed. I can honestly say the car is scary to drive now, it just has so much power. Now maybe a cat back would be the final answer to unleashing the rest of those hiding ponies, Will one for you to work on ASAP.

I would like to thank Will for the work and hours spent perfecting the code, I think we can still extract a few more horses, but the way it stands now I LOVE MY S4, and am much happier than I was a year ago.

BTW I also went against a modded Kadett TS and trounced him by about 20 cars."
- Rob (

"I definitely need better brakes!"

I had my car done on Saturday... One of the first things your going to say once you have your first drive in low boost 9 is... "I need better brakes!"

Its so much smoother than the stock car and just like the original Audi map, but much more powerful. And once you adjust the program with an SPS3 and go out in high boost 9, you'll come back saying "I definitely need better brakes!"

I've been on High boost 9 and timing 7 for Optimax since I got it on Saturday, and after an unsuccessful rolling road trip on Wednesday (Haldex kept shifting power about on the S3 and unsettling the car on the rollers), on the way home I reset it to "standard chipped" low boost 9, and it isn't enough, once you know what IS available!

"It's so much smoother than the stock car and just like the original Audi map, but much more powerful."

I am pleased as punch. Disappointed I couldn't get rolling roaded, but that's nothing to do with Revo...

My recommendation for those thinking of doing it is do it, and go for the SPS3. Its worth every penny for the switch and the modes soon become easy to use... you will only want to get it later, if you don't get it now... Also, even in High boost 9, my DIS is displaying 28.3 MPG and that's enthusiastic driving...

And to quote two other people (my findings match!)..."
- PaulS3 - Audi S3 Quattro 225

If you were thinking of getting REVO'd - think no more - DO IT!

"Guys, the standard car with REVO software that went on the rollers at Stealth Racing today, was mine." With Revo, you can have a preset 'performance' program flashed to your ECU, or opt for Revo's SPS1 or SPS3 (as I did).

"REVO software makes it feel like a different car...All I can say is WOW!"

The purpose of today's Dyno run, was to clarify the BHP and Torque figures based on a stock car (no other modifications) with REVO software set as if you were just to opt for the standard 'performance' program. (For those who have seen REVO SPS3, the setting was 9 on low boost - 1.2bar approx, and suitable ignition advance to match the fuel).

The DYNO gave good results which I am more than happy with: - BHP 207BHP @ 4939Rpm Torque 244 ft/lb @ 3799Rpm

After the Rolling Road run, I upped the program slightly via the SPS3 unit ready for the journey home. On the actual road, REVO software makes it feel like a different car compared to a competitors car that I had previously run with. All I can say is "WOW!" Running on Optimax fuel with an increase in ignition advance makes a lot of difference, and I mean a lot. It now feels more aggressive and generally faster - much more enjoyable to drive. The TCS now interrupts in places never thought of before.

One other bug bear of mine was the annoying N75 shut down issue many of you are also experiencing. The REVO software program has also cured this.

Anyway, all I can say is, if you were thinking of getting REVO'd - think no more - DO IT


P.S. I don't get commission!

Revo is the best for all round results and flexible programming ability IMHO!

I'll post a more in-depth comparison later, but essentially, I've had 3 different ECU remaps, and this is what I've been saying about them:

AMD: Good for low end torque, but IMHO doesn't last right up the rev range, plus more boost (1.7 bar apparently). Gives a fair belt in the back feeling when setting off.

"Revo is the best for all round results and flexible programming ability IMHO."

APR: lighter on the boost (1.35 bar) and power, therefore smoother but lasts right up the rev range, with the rev limiter raised to approx 7300 revs (therefore can reach 60 MPH in second gear OK).

Revo: adds to the power of the APR (10%), and lasts all through the rev range from about 3500 revs upwards rather than tailing sharply back like the AMD) - it feels more stronger than APR.

Also, with the SPS3 switch, you can fine tune the boost and timing for Optimax or octane booster etc.
- SiTaS3 (

Go get it people, what are you waiting for?

Visited Revo this morning to get my car upgraded. I awoke to a blanket of snow, and white fluffy stuff coming down like nobody's business.

From the look of the weather, I thought things had gone real Pete Tong. After getting on the net and checking the roads situation, I decided to brave it.

Because I set off well early and traffic had not been as bad as I expected, I arrived way before I should have.

"On the journey home, it was instantly obvious the car was now producing more torque and power. Coming down the motorway I don't think I dropped below 100mph."

I arrived and parked outside. I was about to get my head down for a bit, thinking I had a long wait, when Richard pulled up, nice motor he said... He invited me into the workshop, even though I was a tad early. We then got my car pre-checked and left them to it. It was nice to meet Mark and some of the team. Really sound people, and they could not be more helpful!

I experienced first hand today just how busy they were too. In the time I waited in the office, I don't think any communication device they had, stopped ringing or buzzing.

15 minutes later I was greeted with my keys and Richard saying god dam your car's quick. He asked what boost I was pulling before? I said about 1-1.1. He smiled and said your getting 1.5 now. With a big smile I asked how the car now reacted? After handing me my keys he said Go Play!, and find out.

On the journey home, it was instantly obvious the car was now producing more torque and power. Coming down the motorway I don't think I dropped below 100mph. I had a proper gale like crosswind hitting me, and the car was still pulling cleanly from 100mph+. The top end is now SO much better.

I found myself spinning the wheels in 1st gear just enough to get it rolling. Then into 2nd - the pull in this gear is just ballistic! Just as the revs and boost start building you hit 3000 rpm and 1.5 bar of boost till just over 4000 rpm, it then drops to 1.2 bar to just under 5000 rpm, then tapers off to 0.9 bar as it roll's up to 6000rpm.

The speed you pull in that short time is like – wow! In 3rd gear the wheels are still struggling for grip, but once your past 4000 rpm it really is on the move. I ate 4th gear up pretty quickly, and in no time was in 5th and moving like a bullet train.

Being in 5th gear and accelerating from 80-110mph feels SO much quicker than before. I have also noticed that the hesitancy that I had experienced sometimes in the past was completely gone. The car just accelerates, every time you ask it too!

I would really like to get out onto some dry roads, as the conditions at the moment don't do it justice. But don't worry about the power not been usable in bad weather; just leave traction control on, it more than copes with it. Or of course buy a switch able program, for the best of both worlds!

I can honestly say, anyone thinking of getting the free 5-hour demo; why bother? Just go in and get the full program done. I know some like to try before they buy, but you'll just be saving yourself time, as there's no way your not going to be satisfied.

I would like to thank the Revo lads again!

I will definitely in the future put more business there way, and recommend them to anyone.

Go get it people, what are you waiting for?
Hellspawn (SEATCUPRA.NET) SEAT Ibiza 1.8T Cupra

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"Thanks to the guys at Monster for the Revo remap, the difference is obvious to the feel and drive of the car as well as being seriously quicker the pull even at lower revs is instantaneous and at 4k+ the burst is verging on scary but the feels steady and progressive.

It feels like there is another burst of energy at 5.5k, similar to the one at 4k which most definately wast there before, all in all I'm well happy with the additions, the car is now serious fun to drive and a must have if you're looking to take your TT to a new level of performance."

- Nick Gamble April 2010

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